Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back in the States

72 total hours of travel, 15 days abroad and 614 pictures later and we are officially returned to the States as of yesterday (7/12) at 1:50p EST. I have more information compressed and ready to offload in my mind than I have the capacity to handle at this point. I'm still struggling to get back time gained and time lost between coming and going. For now though, I will share this. I have a plan to write numerous post that include cultural pieces and trip logs. I will be posting tons of pictures and we have hours of video to edit. Today will be spent catching up at work though, as I start my new job tomorrow afternoon.

P.S. And I have a D&D game to plan for this Friday. Holy Moly my mind is racing a mile a minute on very little sleep.

P.S.S. The trip was too long and too short. Lots to share and very soon.

1 comment:

Grant said...

Glad to hear y'ens are back safe/sound.

I must say, no pressure or anything, but I'm looking forward to an ancient ruins post and some food stuff. (And secretly, I'm hoping for some pictures of giant air-brushed-looking murals).

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