Monday, June 28, 2010

Off to Libya

I've been fairly vigilante about posting here with regularity since my last blogcation in 2009. A feat I have actively pursued not just for me, but for anyone else who might find the work I do here mildly amusing (you're few, but greatly appreciated). Saturday we left Richmond bound for Libya. Not the Caribbean cruise most folks take, but the native country of my father. We will be visiting countless family members, seeing Roman ruins most euro travelers never get to enjoy and taking in a Mediterranean coast that rivals anything you could see from a ship south of Florida. I'm super excited for it all.

When I return the blog will resume and I will have more pictures and video to share you than you mind will have capacity to process. By that I mean a metric ton. See you then.


Grant said...

Safe travels, Tabs!

I shoulda recommended this before you left: . Not quite as compelling as "Long Way Round," but fun nonetheless.

I hope you get pictures of the lambs strips hanging from the tin roof.

Flynnjr said...

Be safe and take plenty of photos!

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