Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogcation 2009

Apparently I am taking this month off, a blogcation if you will, to work on other projects and be with family. I didn't plan it this way, but it was a welcome break in the face of the holidays, bathroom renovations, video editing and more. My Tumblr went dark for the week of Christmas as well, but the lights are back on today. The same goes for Twitter, but that has a pulse again too.

As for the rest of the stuff, I edited the last 7-ish months of baby video down to four videos last week with all the trimmings. I'll dedicate a whole post to them in the coming weeks. There will be an obligatory Christmas post with bunches of pictures from Kaden's first. We made home made brownies last week to, nothing to complicated, just no store bought mix and they were ten times more delicious. As I mentioned above we renovated a bathroom and I have all kinds of before and after pictures to share.

I have been absorbing media at a more steady clip, so I'll have mini reviews of new comics, movies and games this week and next too. The Wreck Awards will be returning this year, now that I have annualized them it is practically law that I make a post. I'm sure there will be more than all that, but I feel like my blogging plate is filling up quick, so for now I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are planning a happy New Year.

P.S. I'll have a 2009 New Year's resolution review and brand new list of shit I won't do in 2010.

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