Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vacation in Review

Jesus's birthday is a great reason to take off from work and recharge the batteries. Consequently I took two weeks off the blog too, not that writing here is work, but I don't do well without a schedule. Waking up at 12pm every morning and staying up till 3am every night is not conducive to a lot of things it turns out.

What I did do was a ton of house work and maintenance. Specifically Kaden's nursery. Crystal is a planner, so when we decided to start trying for a baby, we decided to move my office and start painting. My current and old office are a dark charcoal gray so it took one coat of Kilz and three coats of yellow. By the time we rolled through the second coat of yellow Crystal was pregnant and sick. So, the room sat with two coats of paint until Christmas vacation. I also steam cleaned the rug, put up a new ceiling fan and purchased and assembled a bunch of furniture. Don't worry I plan on doing a fascinating nursery post in the future with pictures. I know you will wait with bated breath.

Aside from house work I played a ton of games. The list is long so I will do a seperate wrap up and review in a future post, bated breath etc. I also caught a few movies and watched two seasons of an anime called Code Geass all of which will be reviewed here as well. Lastly on the media front I picked up the new WoW novel Night of the Dragon which I am more than half way through and really enjoying. Expect a post.

Finally, seeing as it is a new year, some New Year's resolutions are in order:

- Ride at least twice a month
- Ride more miles in the current month than I did the previous
- Ride and camp more
- Try a new recipe a month
- Improve my writing
- Take more photos
- Improve my video editing (and post more videos)
- Lose weight (see riding goals)
- Take at least one grappling or BJJ class
- Read more comics
- Build an arcade
- Finish a 40k army
- Organize my workshop
- Back up my data
- Become a good Dad

Flash Game Fun
The best flash game I have played since the inception of the interwebs is Auditorium. Describing it in words does it a disservice, but the best I can do is to say that it really must be played to be appreciated.

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