Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ultimate Twilight Wars

How I got roped into seeing this teen swooning trashy novel about vampires and high school I'll never know. Oh wait, I do know and her name is Crystal. No stranger to trashy romance novels already a friend at work recommended the first book to her and took off from there. She burned through the first three books at a rapid pace and when the film was announced, she announced to me that we would be going. To be honest I knew nothing about the film or the books apart from vampires and the obsession middle school aged girls showed for it. Well to cut to the chase the film was crap, I won't dignify it by drawing out the reasons why, but I will throw some saving grace Crystal's way and tell you she didn't like the movie either.

Word Wars
Professional Scrabble competition as the basis for a documentary didn't not sound like the wildly interesting topic that I'm sure you think it is. Much like the King of Kong though it was about the eccentric cast of characters in the film, not the game they play. Unlike Kong though, their is no good guy to pull for. Scrabble players seem willing to throw much of their lives away for an addiction to the word game. Betting their winnings on back room games, purchasing ladies of the night south of the border and obsessing over cabinets full of herbal brain enhancers. Degenerate people does not a bad film make though. It is a fascinating look into a world that others would go unseen by most. Worth a watch and much like going to Walmart or the state fair it will make you feel better about yourself in the end.

The Ultimate Fighter
If you follow the numbering since season 5, the season that just wrapped up was number eight (Nogueira vs. Mir). While an actual rivalry between the coaches was near nonexistent (it was no Hughes vs. Serra), the rest of the show carried itself. I like having two weight classes and there was plenty o' drama. Outside of bed pissing, food pissing and things even worse, one of the fighters managed to push the shows no fighting outside of the cage rule to it's limits. Drama aside there were many good fights leading up to the finale on Saturday. If you've been following along, Bader scored a huge TKO on the one dimensional Vinnie and Nover was upset by Escudero. The end.

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