Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Lonely Bike

Boo to the man who lets his tires go flat, his chain dry up and his ride sit unloved through the autumn and winter months. Sadly on this day, I am that man. The excuses run far and wide with various amounts of depth and breadth, but it all boils down to a few key steps.

1. It got hot
2. Crystal got pregnant and sick
3. Video games
4. It got cold

Of the reasons listed above the only one I could shamelessly defend is Crystal getting sick. It got bad there for a while and I was more than happy to put everything on hold to take care of her. So great I have a reason I didn't ride for roughly 2-3 months out of the 5-6 I have been sedentary.

So what is a boy to do? Circle the wagons and get back on the saddle is what. Grant is down with a bum leg, but the rest of the crew is out there. I'm sure Russ, Mehtul, Landon and Hose have been riding. I need to reach out and force myself back on the bike so I can see my friends with greater frequency again. I need peer pressure, obligations and commitments. Here I come!

Site Watch
Slate is already a site you should be checking on the regular, but the second annual "Year End Gaming Club" is worth every minute it takes you to read it. The authors come from various organizations of various renown and are all worth reading. Specifically, Newsweek, MTV, New York Times and Slate. Go to it.

Guild Progress
Malygos 25 (753rd US) down and only tough achievements to keep us busy until the next raid instance. I picked up my valorous shoulders and chest last night and its on to crossing my fingers and wishing for a Torch of Holy Fire tonight.

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Erin said...

Grant's leg is much better! He needs to reconnect with that bike in the new year :)

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