Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Left for Gears

Sorry, no video as promised in the last post, my days have been hectic as of late and video encoding has been on the bottom of my list. We picked up our Christmas tree from Tom Leonard's over the weekend and got it all decorated up. Sunday I was forced to sit through Twilight with Crystal, her friend from work and a room full of teenage girls. It was utter trash, but more on that in a future post. Now to the video games...

Left 4 Dead
L4D has been on my radar for a while now, it was announced back in 2006 and has been cropping up in magazines and on websites ever since. Aside the many delays I was still geeked to play it this fall and then WotLK came out. I missed the release date by a week or two, but finally put some time in with it this weekend. I don't know if it is all of the Walking Dead I have been reading or just a general love for all things zombie, but this game scratches my itch. It has just the right amount of intense highs and lows that you stay scared and adrenaline pumped the entire time. I have only played the four player coop so far, but sharing moments of panic with friends is really fun. Think hay rides at Halloween.

Gears of War 2
The first Gears game was an revolution in third person shooters. It had game play that felt impactful and graphics that jumped off the screen. The newest game in what is now becoming a series is more evolution than revolution, but still a blast to play. The story is still poop, but the world has opened up more. It is prettier and you do more than just move from cover to cover. All in all it is what a video game sequel should be. Unlike movie sequels that tend to just be the same formula, but worse, video game sequels tend to fix what was wrong with the previous title. I've yet to play horde mode or versus anything yet, but the single player and coop are a blast.

Guild Progress
Naxx (492nd US) and Sarth (171st US) 25 man down, only Malygos 25 to go. I wish there was more content to raid now more than the last time I mentioned it. After we down Malygos this week everything will be on farm save hardcore achievements.

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Dynasty of Evil
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Batman: Batman and Son
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100 Bullets Vol. 05: The Counterfifth Detective
100 Bullets Vol. 04: A Foregone Tomorrow
100 Bullets Vol. 03: Hang Up on the Hang Low
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30 Days of Night
100 Bullets Vol. 01: First Shot, Last Call
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