Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Resolutions in Review

Back in early ought nine I wrote up a list of resolutions for the new year. A precarious task for sure with a new baby on the way, but as they were written so shall they be reviewed...

- Ride at least twice a month
Fail, I think I made it to mid April when Kaden was born.

- Ride more miles in the current month than I did the previous
Fail, Save the month of September.

- Ride and camp more
Pass, our goodbye to Russ ride covered this one.

- Try a new recipe a month
Pass, I can't document it, but I cooked like a mad man in 2009.

- Improve my writing
Pass, between my online D&D game and blogging I like to think I got better this year.

- Take more photos
Pass, see the pictures.

- Improve my video editing (and post more videos)
Pass, see the videos.

- Lose weight (see riding goals)
Fail, I think I am up 5 to 10 pounds over last year, see cooking and cycling.

- Take at least one grappling or BJJ class
Fail, no excuses.

- Read more comics
Pass, I read a ton.

- Build an arcade
Fail, I meant to do this honest, it will make the list for 2010 for sure.

- Finish a 40k army
Fail, after discovering D&D this year I really have no need for this anymore.

- Organize my workshop
Fail, it is currently a hot mess.

- Back up my data
Pass, I got an external hard drive and software that backs up everything weekly.

- Become a good Dad
Pass, while this is subjective for sure, I think by not cooking meth in our kitchen and reading to him every night I'm doing a pretty good job at this Dad thing.

Hmm, 8 out of 15 isn't bad, but it isn't good either. I'll be putting together my 2010 list this coming week in another post, hopefully I can complete even more.


Flynnjr said...

Oh man. I am going to steal almost all of those and use them as my 2010 list. Good stuff.

Grant said...

I'd call that a good year, for sure.

What software are you using to back up your files? I've been thinking about this lately.

Wreck said...

SyncBack there is a free version and one that cost $25.

Mehtul... said...

I would not consider the lacking of a 40k army fail because you participate in more than one DnD game and also DM a VTT game. Just DMing alone is quite an effort, doing it with a new medium "Virtual Table Top" adds even more complexity. I say PASS on this resolution.

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