Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Log

Over on GeekDad (my favorite new blog) Curtis Silver posted a rise and fall, time stamped log of his Father's day activities. I enjoyed reading it and thought I'd give my own Father's Day tale the same treatment...

7:22 am I awake to the sound of Crystal getting out of bed for what is probably not the first time. She heads to Kaden's room to presumably feed him. I cover my head with a pillow and fade to black before she even makes it down the hallway.

8:31 am Round two of my body waking me up, this time I listen and rise like a zombie to find Crystal and Kaden. I don't eat their brains, but find them playing downstairs and join them.

10:14 am We play, eat cereal and generally lounge around till it is time for Kaden to feed again. Crystal takes him to the glider and I head to the shower.

10:49 am The three of us pack into the car and head to the military surplus store. I have needed new cargo shorts for months now. Between bike rides and yard work I have two pairs of shorts left without holes.

11:11 am We pull up to the store only to find the lights off and the store hours posted with the word "closed" next to Sunday.

11:13 am Well crap, what do we do now? Lunch!

11:26 am We decide on Carytown for lunch and make our way there. I point out the train station to Kaden from the front seat. From the back seat Crystal informs me that he is asleep.

11:56 am We arrive at Carry St. and park on the same block as the restaurant we plan to eat at. We leave the stroller in the car for the time being and walk over to Coppola's.

12:07 pm Kaden is still asleep while Crystal and I enjoy turkey sandwiches, sodas and conversation.

12:44 pm We head back to the car and pick up the stroller. Kaden is still counting sheep as we walk down to our local gaming store. Crystal checks out the board games and I hunt down some more dice, static grass and game markers for my growing D&D fascination.

1:04 pm On the way back to the car Crystal and I get a craving for ice cream and Kaden's craving for sleep is still winning out. We stop by and Ben & Jerry's and consume some tasty chocolate treats.

1:42 pm We arrive home in time for Kaden to eat lunch and then play with him till he gets sleeply yet again.

2:11 pm Crystal goes off to play with jewelry and I sit down to play some video games.

2:45 pm Kaden is up! Crystal brings him downstairs and gives him to me to change.

2:48 pm Midway through changing him my streak of not getting peed on for the first two months and three weeks of his life is broken. I catch it right in the chest and then dodge out of the way only to have him readjust and get me a second time. He and I both think it is pretty funny.

3:01pm I change clothes and go back to gaming.

4:12 pm We pack up and head to my parent's place for a cook out with Crystal's family and my own.

4:29 pm At my parent's Crystal heads upstairs to feed Kaden and I go to Gabriel's room to bother him.

4:32 pm I find a plastic battle axe and shield in his room and hit him with it as he explains that his girlfriend bought it for him as a joke when she found out he played WoW.

4:57 pm I get called downstairs to cook burgers and hot dogs.

5:19 pm Foods On! We eat till we can't anymore and retire to the family room to chat and watch Kaden being cute.

7:16 pm Home, food and sleep call to us, so we say goodnight to the family and head to our humble abode.

8:02 pm It's bath time for Kaden, we splash, play and get him cleaned up for bedtime.

8:32 pm Kaden is down for the count, so Crystal and I sit down to watch TV and enjoy each others company.

10:31 pm Sleep calls to Crystal next, I kiss her good night and retire to my office to post pictures from the weekend and play video games.

1:02 am The day is long over and my eyes will barely stay open. I snuggle up to Crystal and fall asleep to thoughts of building model trains with Kaden.

Pictures from our cookout on Sunday are here and pictures from Crystal's cousin's son's first birthday are here.

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Crystal said...

You forgot about all the fun you had with bathtime :)

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