Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kaden Two Months

Above is the first of three new videos I am working on...

Kaden Two Months (above)
Mother's Day
Kaden Goes to Pittsburgh

Make sure to watch it at Youtube if you can, it will have a higher resolution. Also, look for the other two soon, although they will be here, so all you have to do is keep checking back on the blog.


Erin said...

SUPER cute baby you all have there! Great video - I watched it straight from the blog and it looks great!

Wreck said...

I was referring the size of the image not the quality. The displayed resolution on the blog is only 400x240 (pixels). I shrunk it down so it would not overlap the rest of the site.

Grant said...

The quality looks great HD on Youtube. Thumbs up for the Tolkien interlude! This goes way beyond the 80s style home video of Christmas morning. Well done.

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