Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scalped Hangover of the Damned

Continuing my disdain for most all cape and cowl comics, don't worry I love you Invincible, I picked up the first to volumes of Scalped. The story is set on the most economically depressed reservation in the U.S. Unemployment is high, drug and alchohol addiction are the norm and crime is everywhere. Dashiell Bad Horse the main character has returned to the "rez" after a fifteen year absence and is hired by the corrupt leader of the tribe to "clean up" the area. The writting is great, the story is complex and the art is just the right amount of grimmy to covey the location of the tale.

The Hangover

Our first movie since parenthood had our faces aching from laughter when the credits rolled. The story follows four friends to Vegas for a bachelor party just days before a wedding. Shenanigans ensue and the story is told in in flash back chunks of a night the guys can't seem to recall. Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms really shine in the film, bringing the funny none stop. Bradley Cooper, although playing the straight man still has funny moments, but overall it is nice to see him again since we enjoyed his roll on Alias. Long story short, go see this movie, you will laugh.

GTA4: Lost and the Damned
If Sons of Anarchy was a video game LATD would be it. More than a year after GTA4's release I didn't think I would be playing it or an expansion. The original game had a strong story that tapered off as it reached hour 20 or so. The wrap on it was pretty weak, but twenty hours is twenty hours no matter how you shake it. LATD is a more compressed bite of GTA tastiness featuring a motorcycle club (Lost MC!). Without the price tag of a $60 game looming over their heads, they (the developers) put together a story that is trimmed of fat and well paced. The story is great, but what really grabs me is the motorcycles. I love weaving through traffic at 90 mph making my own lanes and not missing a beat. It reminds me of Lucas Burnell's work, but with engines.

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