Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Walking Call of Anarchy

COD World at War
After playing the crap out of Call of Duty one and two I thought I was done with the franchise. It was a ton of fun, but I didn't think they could squeeze any more juice out of the WWII FPS fruit. Then came COD4 and I was back on the bandwagon. A change in setting and a new leveling system made the game fun again. The single player was captivating and the multiplayer was so addicting that I probably played enough for two life times.

Last week I got into the beta for COD: World at War. It goes back to WWII and is not developed by Infinity Ward. I distinctly left COD3 out of my brief history lesson above because it was a piece of crap that was not developed by IW. World at War is not a piece of crap, but the magic is gone. The IW touch that made 1, 2 and 4 so great will be saved for COD5 I'm sure. WaW is essentially a very professional WWII mod for the COD4 engine. New skins and models for $60, I'll pass.

Son of Anarchy
How this show is not on HBO or Showtime I don't know. It gets away with violence, nudity and foul language in a 10pm time slot and it is amazing. Ron Perlman (who has been mentioned twice now in two weeks) and Katey Sagal are the only recognizable actors, but the entire cast is great. The series was created by one of the writers/actors on The Shield and has moved quickly in short period of time. The show follows a motorcycle club that shares it's name with the title of the show. The plots catch you off guard and make it is surprisingly easy to root for the bad guys. They are outlaws, but live by their own code of honor. It is violent when it needs to be and has sincere character moments when it needs them to. A must watch if you get Fx.

The Walking Dead
Walking Dead is my new comic that I just can't put down. I ordered the first eight trades on the good faith that Invincible had built and it paid off. Kirkman delivered again. Walking is the ongoing story of the a zombie apocalypses in the United States. It follows a band of survivors that are trying as hard as they can to pick up the pieces. No one is safe from Kirkman's writing axe, but in the time that the characters are alive he builds them up into people you actually care about. It is a great book because it takes what could easily just be a classic rehashing of zombies on the march and turns it on its head.

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