Friday, August 27, 2010

Meatspace D&D - August Ed.

This past Friday our gaming group got together for our third night of D&D. It had been nearly two months plus since we last played. Everyone still seemed jazzed to drink beer and roll dice though. So I obliged them and prepared my dungeon master (DM) butt off.

As you may note there is a DM in training behind the screen with me in the picture above. Our babysitter plans fell through at the last minute. So Kaden stayed up till 8:30 with the group to participate in the pre-game chatter and dice eating. He even rolled threw a few dice too. A bed time story later and we were kicking off our game. I had two minor encounters, one major and a ton of role playing (RP) in town planned for the evening.

I decided to start the night with some combat. To one, get everyone familiar with their characters again and two because that is where the story left off. Trust me that it was all planned. Post fight the story lead to the aforementioned RP. I always worry that the game might get bogged down in the tedium of spending too much time in town. Thankfully it seemed to go better than my self doubting thought it would. My players were engaged and every event felt like it had purpose. At least that is how I saw it.

Following the RP they marched out of town and into another minor encounter, that was quickly followed by the big fight of the night. Long story short, they went to see a shaman about a horse unnatural blizzard. Nothing is ever that simple though. The shaman was ambushed and the players jumped in to help him. As shaman are want to do, he raised the earth that they all stood on and periodically dropped portions of it into boiling lava. A reckless act for sure, but also a fun game mechanic.

For the pillars of earth, I cut out four pieces of 1" grid paper and arranged them like a jigsaw puzzle of sorts. I then glued them to cardboard and cut them out with a box cutter. The cardboard was to make them more rigged (lead minis are heavy). I then stood them each up on three legs with hot glue and called it a night. They served their purpose for the evening, even with a little bit of balancing here and there.

Overall it was a really fun night and I felt like the work I did to prepare really paid off. Hopefully our next game night happens with in 4 to 5 weeks. Waiting two months was too long. The rest is in the pictures...

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