Monday, August 30, 2010

1942-43 Aircraft Production

On the heels of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt committed the U.S. to the production of 60,000 warplanes in 1942 and 185,000 for 1943. Monumental numbers by today's standards and even loftier expectations in the 40s. As a promotion to illustrate just how many planes would need to be produced, 4,500 model planes were hung from the high ceilings of Union Station in Chicago. Just wrapping ones mind around the number of planes in the picture above is crazy. Add to that they are only 1/48th of the goal and that they actually take up the space of an actual plane.

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Bonus Round...An tear worthy quote from a kamikaze pilot's letter to his children via kottke:
Your father will become a god and watch you two closely. Both of you, study hard and help out your mother with work. I can't be your horse to ride, but you two be good friends.

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