Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Game Night - 4e Finale Edition

I've been a player in Chuck's D&D campaign for going on a year plus now. In that time we have faced dragons, walked ethereal planes and crushed hordes of zombies and rats. There has also been much discussion of taking a break from D&D 4e to try our groups collective hand at something else. On the heels of our two shot Cthulhu game we decided that we would either play Rogue Trader or Shadowrun. More on that later. To get to said new game we needed to come to a stopping point, not an end mind you, for the current campaign. A season finale if you will.

Back in April we killed our first dragon, a tough task that took us to the edge of a TPK. Picking back up in August we were fleeing the army that the dragon was leading. The game mechanic for the night was a fast moving cart, in hot pursuit was a cavalry of ratkin (see pic above) and falling off meant instant death (R.I.P. the bull rushed Mind Flayer). We had loads of fun and again skirted the TPK by the narrowest of margins. We ended the night in the only safe haven left on Kohut, tasked by the city's leader with finding help across the sea.

A great way to wrap things up and put them on a break. Next up will be the beginnings of a Shadowrun game run by Jason. The rest of the night is in the pictures...

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