Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Return to Borderlands

I find it odd that I never wrote about Borderlands here before, or at least that I could not find a post where I did. I've made a concerted effort to do less product review style post for 2010. Games like Borderlands fall victim to this new direction sadly. Until today of course.

My first play through of the game was back in October of last year, when it was released. I played it on the 360 with Chris to completion and then a little beyond that to get every achievement, but one. It was a great game and I figured I was done with it at that point. I sold it before the first DLC even came out.

Flash forward to two months away from the anniversary of the games release. I've purchased the game and all of the DLC for Steam and I am playing through with a new group of four. It is just as fun as the first time through surprisingly. The four player co op really makes it feel different and the difficulty is well balanced to a group that has all of the classes (us). Last time around I played a solider, a bit more of a utility class. Where as this time I'm playing a hunter, a pure striker in D&D terms and a glass canon for the un-inclined.

We plan to play to the level cap and through all of the DLC, including the one coming this month. Fun times for sure and I'll do a brief follow up once we have cleared it all. Until then..."I'm dancin' I'm dancin!"

Bonus Round...This is my 400th post, see you all at 500.

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