Monday, August 16, 2010

Star Wars Rare Photos

As many times as I've watched the original Star Wars films and as much as I know now about how films are made, I still get mind fucked by seeing these kind of shots. A small piece of my brain wants to believe their world is real. Then I just watch the prequels.

[Via: Dude Craft]


Ethan said...

Cool photo.

But the prequels get such a bad rap. TPM was terrible, but AotC ended well and RotS was tons better than RotJ.

I know people that skipped RotS entirely. Crazy.

Grant said...

There are loads of reasons to tear into the prequels, but I ask you, I ask anybody, to name just three scenes across episodes 1-3 that convey genuine pathos. Certainly you can feel LucasCo reach for it on several occasions (for example, Anakin's genocidal hissy fit or Anakin and his woman makin' eyes at each other during their honeymoon on digital backlot).

Honestly, if you have a legless guy being burned alive whilst he drags himself screaming out of Hell River, and I, as a earnest audience member prone to tearing up at melodrama, can't get into it--- you've fundamentally failed at making your movie into a real narrative.

For me, lacking any triumphant rush of lightness to my gut or the urge to cheer the screen, I'll need to have the movie explained to me on cerebral terms. I have the same problem with Robert Altman movies, and I try to dig those by reading glowing critical discussions by Ebert or Jim Emerson. Still I don't want to re-watch "Nashville" or "A Prairie Home Companion."

Anyhow, Star Wars. I dig the old ones, I'm bored and depressed by the new ones. I find no opportunity to cheer, to think, or to empathize.

Just saw "Ponyo" this past weekend, though. That was flipping great.

Wreck said...

On the topic of Ponyo, it is on my list of movies to see. I've loved every Studio Ghibli film I've seen to date.

On the topic of Star Wars, check this thread on Ethan's friends forums Grant. Three pages of discussion underway already.

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