Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tilapia Fish Sticks

Eating healthier, feeding a one year old and cooking complete meals are all goals I am working on. Usually the three are like passing ships in the night. Bringing them together can be an exercise in compromise and frustration. Either I cook something really healthy and Kaden doesn't eat it. We go out, the food is not healthy at all and he devours it. Or I cook unhealthy at home and he eats it up. It's tough business.

Well, last night I hat tricked a whole meal. A rarity, I assure you. I started on the hunt for a healthy fish recipe. The boy loves proteins. What I came across was panko crusted tilapia fish sticks. Well more than just panko, but I think that was the ingredient that did the heavy lifting. It was yum yum tasty and Kaden ate them up.

For sides, I cooked 3/4 cup of orzo and combined it in a skillet with peas and carrots. Salt, pepper and a smidgen of butter to taste and it was a really simple and tasty dish. The side to the side was a small portion of crispy potatoes. I used only two potatoes and a little less butter than called for. Where Kaden never eats any vegetables these days, we manged to get him to eat a little bit of each. Success!


Grant said...

Looks delicious. Have you had any success with 101 Cookbooks stuff?

Wreck said...

I make the 5 minute sauce once a week with tortellini and on rare occasion with meatballs & penne. Other than that I need to try more of her stuff.

Mehtul... said...

Man those look super tasty!!

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