Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Virginia Beach 2010

Following a two week trip overseas that was as enjoyable as it was expensive, we decided to skip our annual pilgrimage to the Outer Banks this year. Not wanting the summer to pass without swimming in the ocean though, we planned a weekend trip to Virginia Beach. Said trip occurred this weekend, so we packed up three cars full of Hattans and Tabibs and made our way to the beach Friday morning.

We arrived before we could check in to our hotel, so we spent the first half of the afternoon playing on a beach front playground. After we checked in we rented a four seater bike and took turns cruising the boardwalk until dinner. Dinner was meh, don't eat at Roma, and we spent the rest of the evening drinking PBR and playing Zombie Fluxx. Speaking of, Fluxx is a much longer game with six people, almost too long.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to get down to the beach, we spent the better half of the morning there before putting Kaden down for nap. Post nap we went to a giant inflated slide on the beach and laughed as half the adults from our family went down it. Following the slide we went some how skipped dinner and made it to night fall in the blink of an eye. Once Kaden was down we thanked the grandparent who volunteered to stay back at the hotel and went to get our go-kart on.

Sunday we checked out early and drove to 36th St. for delicious pancakes and waffles. Following in our foot steps Kaden is a big fan of pancakes so it was a treat for him to get two of his own. After breakfast it was back to Richmond to take care of errands and relax before the work week started back up again.

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