Friday, September 17, 2010

November 2nd Cometh

I had a strong feeling that the next WoW expansion would be on the back half of this year.  Finding out this week that it was six weeks away was a bit of a surprise though.  Actually I just cancelled my account to go on a break. While Blizzard decide to do they same by not offering new raiding content.  Scathing commentary from a jilted lover? You bet your buns.

Back to the expansion.  My plan has always been to go on a binge the likes of my WotLK vacation in 2008.  Mind you that is tempered with a healthy understanding that I do not want to lose my wife and son in the mix.  So this time it will be slightly less hardcore, but still hardcore by most normal folks account.  A Tuesday release date makes that even easier, as my rule of thumb goes, if my son is around and awake I'm not gaming.

I'll admit this expansion has me less excited than the last.  From a lore perspective Deathwing has only existed in books for the most part.  They weren't the best WoW fiction on offer, to be fair, but I'm excited by it.  Just less than Arthas.  Only getting five new levels kind of sucks for the way I play WoW.  I stick to one character and attempt to max said character out to the best of my ability and time available.  Revamping the whole trip from 1 to 60 doesn't really offer me anything save a bored hour or ten flying around the world months after I've hit 85.

I'll play it none the less though, there are tons of cool things to see and do and I have less time to do them now anyway.  So bring on the expansion!

P.S. My local GameStop already sold out of collectors editions, WTF!


Flynnjr said...

I grabbed my copy of the last expansion this way. Easy peasy.

Wreck said...

If that fell in line with my plan to pick it up at midnight and play for near 24 hours before my first break, I'd do it.

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