Monday, September 27, 2010


It's a rare occasion for me to make the trip to a comic store these days.  It takes a special breed of comic to draw me away from the low cost and fast shipping haven of the internet.  Wednesday last week was one such occasion though.  I picked up Kaden after work and drove down to my local comic store.  We were in search of SkullKickers #1. They were sold out already.

So why am I writing about a comic I have not read yet?  The failings of the brick and mortar comic shop aside I can still expound upon the virtues of SkullKickers #0.  Their might be a issue #1 preview buried in there too.  The spawn of all this was a Penny Arcade post a while back, but reading the prequel sealed the deal.  The art is clean and modern and the writing is short and crisp.

If and when I get my hands on #1 I'll be back here to speak more on it.

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