Monday, September 27, 2010

Update: SkullKickers #1

So in a wicked cool turn of events following my SkullKickers post this morning.  I got an email from Jim Zubkavich, the writer of the aforementioned comic.  He let me know that they were caught off guard by the surge of interest in the book and that there will be a reprint of issue #1 on Oct 13th. It was a nice suprize to get a personal email from the creator. Little does he know he just made me a reader for the life of the series.  Or until he voids that warranty, an event I don't even want to imagine. I hope the series stays true to what issue #0 had on offer.  I guess I'll find out on the 13th.

P.S. I'm digging the alternative cover I used on the previous post more than this one, but at this point I'll just be happy to get an issue in my hands despite the cover I prefer.


Chuck P. said...

skullkickers is good stuff, you should also look up Atomic Robo and Chew.

Wreck said...

I've read through the first trade of Chew and enjoyed it. I've never heard of Atomic Robo, but I'll have to pick it up.

Chuck P. said...

i'll let you borrow the first three trades next time we meet up.

Wreck said...


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