Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apples Were Picked

On the sliding scale of things affluent Caucasian people enjoy, apple picking is pretty high up there. Though it hasn't made the list yet, the crowd at Carter Mountain Sunday told the tale. We fit right into the pigeonhole am I afraid. The last time we picked apples was three years ago, before Kaden and it was a lot of fun.  Holding true to the Kaden theory though, it was made even better with a child in tow.

We got on the road at 7:30 am in an attempt to beat the crowd. Two weekends ago and this past weekend was the apple festival at Carter. What that means is more activities and two times the people in attendance. Getting there when it opened was worth it though.  No traffic in or out and the trees weren't picked over yet. What would normally require a 10 foot length of polyvinyl chloride, could be accomplished by a 6 foot Dad on his tip toes.

We ended up picking 21 lbs of Fuji and Granny Smith before 10 am. A sweet haul that will end up as pies, crumbles and other treats. Following picking we played in the pumpkins and ate a half dozen apple donuts with cider.  Over all a great way to spend a Sunday morning. The rest is in the pictures, this one is my favorite.

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