Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kaden Goes to the Fair

Attending the State Fair as a thinking, breathing adult of modest education is assault on the mind. Smells of fried treats blend with the aromas of fresh animal droppings. Folks who look like they belong on the freak show stage instead of standing in it's crowd. Paying exorbitant prices for items that are clearly pennies on the dollar as a value proposition. Rides that can be set up in thirty minutes or less, by carnies who are probably smart enough to not ride the rides themselves. Sounds fantastic right?

It is not an activity I have every really enjoyed beyond the age of ten. Adding a child to the equation changes a lot of things though. A lesson I am learning over and over again. This past Saturday we took Kaden out to the fair for the first time and we had a blast.  He loves animals, so the first thing we hit was a huge barn full of sheep, chickens and cows oh my.  Particularly cute was the piglets he got to pet.  Particularly gross was a 32" LCD constantly looping a video of a cow birth.  There was bleacher seating in front of said birthing and people were watching it. Gross!

We followed the animals with farm equipment. He loves tractors ever since his great grandparents got him a set.  So he had to sit on almost every one we saw.  When we finally tore him away we made our way over to a magic show and then to the rides. He absolutely loved the slide and would not stop shouting about the bird/chicken thing. After rides we hit a quick corn dog and elephant ear lunch, then hurried home for a nap. The rest is in the pictures.

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