Tuesday, October 5, 2010

52 Lunches

Blogging for three plus years has affirmed one truth for me. I love writing. I liked writing in college, hated it from K to 12 and now I love it. Part of that love is writing about things I find interesting and the other part is keeping a schedule that hopefully makes me better at it.  I have aspirations to one day write a novel, but for now I'm content to just dump the contents of a weekend with the family into a post.

In that vein, I started a blog with Ethan last week. Co-worker, cycling bud, friend and now co-author.  52 Lunches is the beast we spawned together.  Writhing and screaming into this plane, it will chronicle 52 weeks of lunches we attend together. All at 52 different restaurants within diving distance of our office.  This blog comes on the coattails of a game we started back in February 2010. Each week one of us picks a place to eat and the person who picks also pays. You can never repeat or you lose, what you lost was never clear, but who likes to lose?

Now 32-ish weeks into the old game, we decided to reset and start writing a review of each place we visit. The freeloader gets to write the review. The old places are fair game once more, as well as plenty of new ones. Unfortunately we started off with a stinker.  Mimis was a hold over from the original and not a place either of us would recommend.  In any case the game is afoot and now you all can follow along.

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