Monday, October 4, 2010

“The Dungeon Master”

The Dungeon Master” is a short story by Sam Lipsyte, that is very much evocative of an era I didn't live through. The arc is about a generation just ten to twenty years older than mine. Their pop culture made familiar to me by TV and movies.  Their experiences are the same though. For every generation being a teenager can be tough business.  The story tells the tale of a high school D&D group and the troubles they face at and away from their table.  It is done with a bit of dark humor and left me wanting way more.  That is all I have in the tank to try and get you to read.  It is only seven pages and well worth your time. Go!

Update: Ethan brought this short story full circle.

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Ethan said...

That was good. I was probably 5 years too young to be one of the characters in this story. But very evocative of the feelings of teenagerhood and alienation. Good read, thanks.

I didn't realize that the standard-bearer of the anit-D&D movement from the 80's was based in Richmond.

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