Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Short Snorter

Seeing a dollar bill and the word "Snorter" makes me think of eighties gangster films and bumps of Bolivian marching powder. Thanks for the "cocaine slang" Google. A short snorter is actually far cooler than any Scarface poster or t-shirt. It is a tradition started in Alaska in the 1920's and then carried into World War II. Pilots and flight crews would sign each others bills (not necessarily USD), ultimately creating a history of their time in service. Snorter was slang for a stiff drink and short meant less than full measure. If you could not produce your short snorter, you were buying.

Sounds like a cool practice to extend to cycling. I bet I could be two or three dollars in at this point after ten plus years of signatures.

[Via: Flickr]

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