Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meatspace D&D - October Ed.

Saturday night was the fifth and final act of Bloodlines of Fate. A goal of a midnight stop brought our group together earlier than normal. Pizza was ordered, cold fermented beverages were poured and dice were warmed. When everyone finally sat down at the table we kicked off with a recap from the last game and then dove back into our story.

When I decided back in April that I would run a local game of D&D, I planned out my first adventure in five acts:
  • Act 1: Brought the party together and introduce them to a group of bandits known as the Hand of Black.
  • Act 2: The party investigated the Hand of Black further, took their first trip to a dungeon and found ties between the bandits and a cult.
  • Act 3: They were summoned by a wealthy patron who accompanied them to kill a meddlesome shaman. The patron was actually a cult member and turned on the party. They killed the cultist and the shaman told them of the cults plan to summon a dead God.
  • Act 4: Returning to the city they were ambushed by the cult, found the contact the shaman asked them to speak to murdered and arrested a crooked blacksmith who is dealing arms to the bandits.
  • Act 5: They traveled into the caverns below the city to stop the cult from summoning the dead God. They found a subterranean temple full of traps and killed their first dragon, stopping the cult in the process.
Most of my time and attention has been spent on this adventure arc, but I have three more loosely planned out. Those stories will not see the light of day for a while though. The metaphor of television seasons has been tossed around by my players and rightly so. This was the season finale, but the show has already been picked up for season two. In the mean time they will get a healthy portion of Dark Sun until BLoF returns.

Saturday included my first player death, like death death, not just a quick encounter nap. Thankfully Ethan was a good sport about it. His comrades even fished up his broken body from the bottom of the chasm he was pushed in to. In what I assume will be some attempt to raise him from death at a future date. I'm sure that will end well.

Things to work on:
  1. Establish my villain sooner.
  2. Less railroading, more choices.
  3. Using player fluff in the story more.
The rest is in the pictures!

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