Friday, October 15, 2010

Update: Resto Shaman 4.0.1

More thoughts on what I've been reading and playing as of this Tuesday. First a quote from an EJ thread on this very topic:
Most Shaman argue that Deep Healing doesn't have much value in the current state of the game. Incoming damage operates still under the LK model. Damage is really spiky, a missed GCD may result in player deaths and mana is not an issue. Most of the time, this results in players being at nearly 100% health or dead. In both cases, Deep Healing does not offer additional benefits. It will be a lot stronger in Cata, when player health will range between 100% and 0% for a significant amount of time.
My raid experience Wednesday night was cast from this very same die. Granted we only had 20 raiders on a 25 man raid. We had six healers though and lost a tank on all five of the sorry attempts it took us to kill heroic Lord Marrowgar. A fight we have had on farm for months was causing our healers heart burn. As a Shaman, who wears whatever hat my raid needs, I was having a hell of a time keeping the tanks up with my new tools.

Thankfully we are back on break from raiding till the expansion now. Where my new tools will be better suited.  For now it is back to my silly Mage.  He is crushing it by the way.

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