Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Four Hour Body

I have never gone on a diet. In the past I have changed what and how much I eat to lose weight. It has worked to some degree, but without rules I have always slipped. Making excuses to eat too many of the things I know will keep me round. Exercise has always been sporadic for me. Starting and stopping in fits with bike riding filling the gaps.

Three weeks ago I listened to the Nerdist podcast with Tim Ferriss. I'd never heard of him before, but he was an interesting enough guy on his own and wasn't shilling anything out right. He made a name for himself as an angel investor and eventually wrote the Four Hour Workweek in 2007.  The follow up to his first book was The Four Hour Body. Which briefly became the topic of conversation on the podcast.

It ended up being compelling enough to try. So I bought the book and hit the grocery store for what I have so far deemed an experiment. Crystal decided to join me in our quest for science and so far so good. After two weeks of "slow carb" diet and no exercise we are down 10 and 13 lbs. respectively. Better than that we are down 2% and 3% body fat, again respectively. The experiment is working so far. Our cravings are gone and we plan to introduce a bit of exercise in the coming weeks.

I don't plan to drone on about this, but there may be a few more post on the topic in the coming months. Results and the like.


Grant said...

Glad to hear that's going well and that's it doesn't sound too much like my mom's 70s classic, "the hard-boiled eggs and spinach diet."

Wreck said...

Funny enough our breakfast every morning is scrambled eggs (salt, pepper, smoked paprika), spinach (lemon joice) and black bean/corn salsa.

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