Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Years Old

Kaden turned the big number two earlier this month and we celebrated with a party at the park. We invited friends and family once again, but not the hundred plus from his first birthday party. Lots more kids his age at this one and it was sports themed because it is all he wants to talk about. We laughed, played and munched on cupcakes. It was a great time.

He has grown from an unmoving  lump on the ground to a walking, talking and creative little boy in the blink of an eye. Everyday is better than the last as he learns and becomes more curious about the world around him. If the internet will never truly go away as privacy worriers and tin foil hat aficionados claim, then let this be a record. At two years old he:

  • can count to 10,
  • knows all of the colors in the rainbow,
  • can identify a handful of letters,
  • can sing his ABCs,
  • can sing roughly 7-8 other songs in their entirety,
  • can identify a handful of shapes,
  • is in the 96% for height,
  • runs, jumps and climbs without fear,
  • repeats most everything you say (good and bad)
  • can perform basic functions on our iPhones
The rest is in the pictures.

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