Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Review: Nov 10th & 11th

Every weekend there are new sights, sounds, and taste to consume. There are other sensory inputs that tickle my brain too, but saying there is stuff to feel sounds creepy. This is a weekly journal of my weekend endeavors. Enjoy!

Richmond Marathon 8k
I signed up for this event before Ward showed up. Back when I could get as much sleep as I wanted and plan a workout with relative ease. My training fell apart two months ago and I started regressing. Eating poorly, sleeping poorly and in general feeling poorly. Then I got sick Thursday night. I was all ready to pack it up and skip the whole thing. Except I had already paid and promised to drive Mike to the race. So I chugged NyQuil, went to bed early and reluctantly got up at 5:30a Saturday.

It was cold at 7a when we crossed the start line, but my legs felt surprisingly good. Mile one through three were easy, 3-4 torched me, but the home stretch was the best. One fourth of a mile before the finish was all downhill toward the James. I sucked cold air into burning lungs, as my jog transformed into a controlled sprint. Leaning all my weight into the descent as I started zipping past other runners. It took all of my concentration to not turn my sprint into a tumble of bloody limbs, but it worked. 41:17 at the line. 48th of 157 in my division. 8:15 a mile, my fastest pace in an event all year (prev. 8:25 and 8:20).

Wreck-It Ralph
Sunday afternoon was lazy recovery. Post Saturday run and Sunday morning ride (a poor choice), I took Kaden to see Wreck-It-Ralph. Pixar's newest film about the world of made up arcade game characters. I appreciated the video game references (they go to Tapper for happy hour) and he enjoyed the slap stick comedy. Overall it was not the strongest Pixar film I have seen, but that should not be a knock, they make good shows. He loved it though. I came home Saturday with a medal from the 8k that very much resembled the medal Ralph wants to win in the movie. We played all night. He has Ralph with the medal and I as Fix-It-Felix with a yellow Fisher Price otoscope standing in for my golden hammer.

Thanks to Chuck for a major correction. The film was made by Disney, not Pixar. That explains why it felt more Cars 2 than Ratatouille. Subpar in the story department.

Good Job, Brain!
Not that I want for new Podcast, but somewhere in the 24 hours that were Octoberkast, Will, Norm and guest were discussing podcast they listen to. Good Job, Brain! was the only one that stuck with me. Part quiz show and part interesting fact/history lesson. The host are entertaining and funny. It may end up being something I download à la carte instead of subscribing to though. On a per topic basis. Podcast are getting me through these early baby months and it is nice to have a few extra around.


chuck said...

since this is the internet, I must make a correction. Wreck-It Ralph is not Pixar.

Wreck said...

Oh man I have watched the trailer for it about 20 times with Kaden and never noticed. That explains some things. Thanks.

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