Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Annual Report 2012: Summary

In previous years I wrote up the Wreck Awards to summarize my year in review. This year I stepped it up and did a four part annual report inspired by instead. Nothing as serious as ordering a copy for your coffee table, that seems a bit much for my data at least, but I burnt more calories than prior years (literally).

Capturing the data was a pain, because I didn't decide to work on this project until my second son was born in late September. I had two weeks off work where he mostly just slept. We watched a epic load of New Girl and I worked on the bones of each of these visualizations. The data had to come from places that I already had a source. For exercise it was DailyMile and reading was from GoodReads. Gaming was a mix of Steam and Xbox, not something I logged, but just a service they provided. Twitter was the biggest pain of the four. They had yet to release there get all your data initiative. So I manually scraped and cleaned the data myself. With my own two hands, the way my forefathers did it.

The visualizations were done in QlikView. A program I use at work for data analysis and dashboard development. Most of the stuff I build on the company dime is much more structured and detail oriented. I took on this project because one, it would be fun and it was and two, because I could stretch my design legs. There are certainly flaws in the execution and violations of best practices in service of making things look pretty, but I am mostly happy with how it turned out.


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