Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kaden Turns Four

He technically turns four this week, but we had his party and did a bunch of other stuff in honor of the birthday boy. Outside the standard weekend review of media, we packed our Saturday and Sunday to the ceiling with activities.

Saturday started with an 8 am run for me, the final advanced team tempo run before this coming weekends race. It was 8 miles in full, all on the race course, 6 miles of tempo in the middle and 1 mile on the front and back to warm up and cool down. I think I am ready to put in a personal record, how much of a PR I won't know until I hit the 3.1 mile turn around and have to pour it on.

Post run I rushed home, showered, re-clothed and took Kaden to his second soccer game of the season. He played last Fall for the first time in a 3 yr old division. It was a building process. The first game was mix of kids whining and crying their way through a thirty minutes of parenting hell. Over the course of the season Kaden slowly got it. Don't take the ball from your teammates, be aggressive on defense and score dem goals. This year there has been no transition. He is still in the 3 yr old division and there are still plenty of kids clinging to their Dad's leg the whole game, but he is out for blood having tons of fun.

Pool Party
Following the game we jumped in the car and zipped out to the Goochland YMCA for Kaden's 4th birthday party. We passed three YMCA's and drove 30 minutes out to "the country" for his party because they have an awesome pool set up. It is an outdoor pool covered and heated in the Winter by a huge bubble. Inside there is a massive (30'x30' maybe?) area that gradual goes from 1' to 3' deep. It is the perfect setup to allow kids to play, while lightly attended (they provide a life guard) and the adults chat pool side (I got in with Ward). An hour in the pool and an hour in a large party room with pizza and presents. All for a cheap-ish price tag. All the kids and the adults had a great time.

Saturday was busy and Sunday was no day to catch up on rest. We made a big family trip to Panera for lunch and then to Toys R Us for the birthday boy. We got him a new bike and helmet (he out grew the old ones), booster seats for both of our cars (die in a fire toddler car seats!) and a new Lego set. We spent the afternoon at home assembling seats, the bike and Lego. By the end of the weekend my back was shot, so I went out for Habanero (dat beef tongue!) and spent the rest of the night Advil-ed up and stretching.

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