Friday, May 23, 2008

The Check in Pictures

I came to the realization this week, that I dedicated post and time to chronicling my Cross Check build, but never shared the fruits of that labor. Imagine a newborns father casually brushing aside inquires into his fresh little miracle. I don't want to be that guy, strung out on meth, neglecting his many children and a restraining order against against 2 of his 3 baby's mommas. So in an effort to rectify my past transgressions, I am showing up on Christmas eve, off the stuff for a solid week, with a present under my arm...
Grant's BPW
Maiden voyage to Riverside
The wheels, the new saddle shot?
Shades of light at Ft. Harrison
Fort Harrison Gallery
This past weekend Grant and I rode out and back to Fort Harrison again. Some of pictures above come from that ride, but there are many more on my photo gallery.

Site Watch
If I wanted to pursue it I know I could get a business card from my company. Similar to a black berry though it might mean having to do more work on non business hours. I'll pass for now, but should I get a tingle for more paper in my wallet in the future I would like my corporate masters to consider some of these options.

Is this post my clip show?

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