Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healer for Life

I spent the formative years of my WoW youth as a dirty, distracted and dissatisfied DPSer. A Mage to be exact, at times a very good one (BC) and at others just plain bad (MC & BWL). It was easy to be bad though, in 40 man content I could be carried while mashing one button (Frostbolt) and watching TV. When Burning Crusade came out, it was time to shape up or ship out. Raiding spots went from 40 to 25 and no one could be carried like they used to. I learned to play my class and helped lead a moderately successful guild.

I got bored though. Knowing how to play my class wasn't enough. My class was boring. Outside of a few interesting fights in BC there was little to do as a Mage, but just mash buttons again. I ended up taking a seven month break from the game. When I returned it was not to reprise the same role of button presser down at the local factory. My new main is the Shaman that I play today. Life as healer is good, no numbers races, people actively seek you out for groups and you actually have to pay attention.

The last two paragraphs were supposed to be a reflection of why I enjoy healing so much, but it looks like they turned into why DPS is boring. Oh well random thoughts and snippets follow...

I know I lamented my role as a healer on an arena team a few weeks ago, but that was before new gear and a new team. Macaroni Machine is still the core healer combo that it was previously, but we have shifted and replaced our DPS. Our new make up is Mage (/w a Boomkin sub), Paladin, Warrior, Hunter and Shaman. It seems to be working out for the most part. We are all well geared, playing for competitive fun and don't yell at each other. The lowest the team ever got was 1491 two weeks ago. Monday night we finished at 1644 and the more we play and learn to communicate it should hopefully get even better.

I am thirty pages out from the finish of Night of the Dragon, so I won't review it just yet, but I will say that it is frustratingly bad so far. I never really knew what people were complaing about when they talked about Richard Knaak, but now I think I get it. Hopefully Arthas is good.

I am now known as Samichez the Undying, that is all.

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