Thursday, March 5, 2009

Swimming in Media

Ever since I picked up a new iPod late last year I have been swimming in a sea of audio and video media. First, it has been nice to have the space to just store tons of data on one device. Carrying a huge song library plus enough podcast to last me until the battery gives up the ghost is a nice feeling. Second, the amount of good content that exist to what seems to be a very small niche in some cases is astounding.

A Life Well Wasted (audio)
Robert Ashley was by far the best addition to the original cast of Games for Windows Radio. His newest work is essentially the "This American Life" of video game podcast. Slick editing and music intertwined into the stories told from all over videotape culture. The is no "whatcha been playin" news of the week podcast.

This American Life (audio)
I some how caught the This American Life bug a little late into it's lifespan, in the form of the tv series on showtime. Now it that I do not have every TV channel under the sun, the audio show is a staple of my weekly listening and would be regardless of my channel options.

The Geekbox (audio)
Ryan Scott was the mute of the GFW Radio show, occasionally when he did speak up though it was worth a listen. So when he resurrected his old website and started hosting his own gaming podcast, I was at least a little interested. The crew talks games for sure, but the tangents to comics, movies and TV are what make it really worth a listen. Plus they record in a comic shop, how cool is that?

Gamer's With Jobs Conference Call (audio)
A more PC focused podcast than the other video game podcast I listen to. Pretty standard save the occasional deeper conversation about making games or the way we interact with them. The host may be a little difficult to identify when you first start listening, but you can pick up on it soon enough.

The Giant Bombcast (audio)
I started reading when 1Up was sold off to UGO and didn't start listening to the podcast until two weeks after that. Well, the site is good, but the podcast is great. It usually runs two plus hours, that may seem long, but it tends to be two hours of hilariousness. Come for the video games, stay for the disgusting energy drink taste testing and other hijinks.

This Week in Photography
(audio & video)
I mentioned my affinity for amateur photographer in my last post and TWIP is my way to live vicariously through professionals. It is like being a fly on the wall at a photography...uh I don't know...some place photographers hang out. They talk shop and I like to listen.

Make (video)
DIY and hacking geek culture is a hobby I at the very least aspire to participate in. Make magazine, blog and podcast cover almost all of the bases and do it with a passion unmatched on the web. The podcast imparticular has how to videos and stories on makers around the globe every week.

I have been really slack on the blog of late, missed post and late post have been the norm. I'll try and do better, but if you need a fix my Tumblr is update regularly.

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Crystal said...

You just have too many interests!! You need to narrow those down :)

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