Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dragon Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2
The PC community has been up in arms for the past month about the sequel to COD4:MW. There are no dedicated servers, the multiplayer cap is 18 players and my dear God in heaven you can't lean! Lets see, I don't play competitively or obese over realism, check. Anything over 18 players gets unruly and just ask begs for spawn camping, check. I don't camp and therefore have no need to lean wit it, check. How about is it fun? Um, yes, very, check! All of this protesting seems like calorie burning that could be focused on a better cause. The single player, while not as good as COD4, is still over the top fun. The multiplayer is better than COD4, in that it offers more kit options and balances game play. Get over yourself and get this game on the PC.

Uncharted 2
I picked up my PS3 less than month before Uncharted 2 dropped and choose to forgo new titles for at least 4-5 months while I played the back log of games I had missed. I had a spreadsheet even. Well after being blown away by the original Uncharted and being lukewarm on MGS4 I threw that plan out the door. Uncharted 2 is a knock you socks off action movie that damn hard to put down. Like the game before it I chugged through it in less than a week and enjoyed every minute of it. The locations you visit are far more varied and the game play feels even more polished. While the ending is a bit of burnt toast on an otherwise tasty egg sandwich, it does a better job of wrapping things up than the original.

Dragon Age: 2 Origins
After logging nearly 40+ coop hours in Borderlands I think it was probably a bad idea to pick up another long run RPG. While Dragon Age seems to be a fantastic game and easily deserving of it's 91, it suffered the same fate as Mass Effect on my first attempt to play it. I just didn't have the time given the hectic fall game release schedule. I did try to let it hook me at least. Think of me as a suicidal fish, swimming up to various lures placing my mouth on them and waiting a pull on the line. Nothing. The ": Origins" part of the title does seem to be the most interesting part of the game I saw. Depending on the class and race you choose at the start you get a different 1-2 hour intro to you "origin". The rest of the game is peppered with dialogue references to your beginning, so it all feels meaningful throughout. Maybe next summer I'll actually play it.

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