Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas in November

It has a been a long while since I actually wrote about photography here. Yesterday my Christmas present arrived however and now it is all I can think about. The photo above was taken with the new camera. It is nothing special, but demonstrates one of the many advantages of the Canon s90 over my old jam. It has a faster lens speed (f2), which means better pictures indoors without the need for a flash. Previously a shot a night with only the lights from our house would have resulted in a blurry mess. We have ditched many a good shot of Kaden because it looked like someone smeared vaseline on the lens.

Of course I am not satisfied with just having a better camera now. I want lighting, not expensive stuff mind you, DIY stuff. LED's seem like the cheapest option, but ring lights and modified halogen work lights seem like worthy pursuits as well. There are a number of sites that I have been picking through in anticipation of my new toy. DIYPhotography, Strobist (which I have linked to previously) and Photojojo.

The photo to the right was taken with even less light (ceiling fan) than the one above and also demonstrates Kaden's favorite new hobby. Standing up on his own. We would have never gotten this shot before with the old camera. Considering we take probably three times more pictures this year than we did last, getting this camera makes it even easier to capture every stage of his development. If you can't tell I'm happy with our purchase. A few more shots are available at my gallery.


Grant said...

Very cool. Where does the distinction/higher quality come into play? Is it the quality of the lens? What sets apart the good from the meh in the non-dslr world?

Wreck said...

The two big ones are a nice lens and the speed of said nicer lens.

Is the review that sold me on this camera. At the end of the day it is still a point and shoot, but it is just a really good point and shoot. I still can't justify getting a DSLR for the price, but a very good P&S for sub $500 works great.

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