Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DC Adventures

Trying out new game systems or even modifications of older D&D systems is something I really enjoy. Getting on board this pen and paper train so late has left me with a blunted sense of the past. I don't know the pain and joy that many suffered and relished in for generations. D&D 4e is packaged for the video game era, I understand it's mechanics because I've been chewing on World of Warcraft for going on six years and Diablo before it.

Time machining back to Cthulhu previously and to DC Adventures two weeks ago takes some more mental flexing. I can pick up on the mechanics, it just takes some time as it is less intuitive. D&D 4e still needs some tuning for sure, but I appreciate the refinement that comes from generations of tweaking after exploring old systems.

DC Adventures is a relic from the past. The wording can be confusing and the book is not set up for the uninitiated. It can feel a bit like reading a choose your own adventure book when building a character. Even with all the hang ups of character creation and rules comprehension though, the game is still fun. Granted we haven't actually played yet, but our player vs player experiments from the first night left a good taste. Apparently, like most things, all of the leg work comes in the beginning. Once we actually jumped into the combat the pieces started to fall into place.

Next on the DC Adventures docket. Sharing my character (Kilowatt) and his background here and recapping our first actual adventure/game night once we have it.

P.S. I'm guessing this quick start guide would have been handy to have around two weeks ago.


Chuck P. said...

DCA is nothing compared to say ICE's Cyberspace or anything GDW every made, or the dread rolemaster. You should look for PDFs of those and wince. DCA's problem is just poor book layout. I've been reading the newer Traveller edition to run a one shot sometime, and that book, while ugly and uninspired in it's layout, is clear and concise in it's format.

4e benefit is really the money they can pour into things. they are after all Hasbro. Give the largest toy maker budget to Green Ronin and maybe they could have multiple editors put the damn damage table in the combat section.

I think once we move past the fact you don't have to min/max in every game, DCA will be breezey. I hope.

Wreck said...

I get the same feeling, that once we play things will be much simpler. I'm excited for it!

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