Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raven Lord

Squawk! While COD: Black Ops was being a son of a bitch last night, I picked up my first rare drop mount in WoW. The reins of the Raven Lord used to require a druid to even summon the boss that dropped the mount. Patch 4.0.1 changed that though. Now Anzu is just hanging out waiting to be solo farmed. It took me the better part of three weeks. Clearing to and killing Anzu takes about 20 minutes. So roughly six to seven hours, as I skipped it a few days. Not as satisfying as the mounts I've earned (Plagued, Rusted, Frost Wyrm Jr., Frost Wyrm Sr.), but still cool.

Site Watch
Totem Spot sounds like a play on Tank Spot sure. It is in fact a Shaman focused site created by some of the members of the Elitist Jerks shaman forums, WoWInsider columnist and various other sites. EJ has always been my go to resource, but mining quality data from threads that are 50 pages plus can be difficult. Hopefully TS gets support from the EJ and other community and stays around for a while.

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