Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DC Adventures - December Ed.

Our second night of DC Adventures kicked off Saturday with two of our players having to bail. Stiff upper lipped, we pushed on without them to fight all manner of threats from the bleed as three instead of five. Since the last time we had played everyone had tweaked their characters to varying degrees. From my point of view, Kilowatt's crunch had mostly stayed the same, but big changes happened with his fluff.

After a brief refresher on what the stats on my character sheet actually meant (I really need to read the rule book) we got started. The brief story summary is a super villain took over a fusion plant in China and was attempting to blow it up to release enough energy to open the bleed. We stopped said villain, turned her over to the Chinese government and returned to our base of operations.

Overall a great night of gaming. I still think the game is overly complicated, but it would only to blame a part of that complaint on it. As I mentioned I still have only skimmed the book. After the game proper was complete we all stuck around to roll Judges in the Judge Dredd RPG based on the Traveller rule set. Just building a character was a lot of fun. I've come to the conclusion that I prefer simple to complex and random rolled to min/maxed. I have Gamma World and Cthulhu to thank for that.

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