Monday, February 28, 2011

Relics of the Dawn - February Ed.

We have been trying to string together a night to relaunch Chuck's 4e campaign for far too long. The last time we played was December and the last time we played 4e was this summer. For the second act of his campaign we all agreed that we wanted the whole group to play. That didn't turn out to be the case at the last minute, but we still had a good time at the table.

The passage of time saw us jump from level 9 where we left off this summer to level 11. Picking paragon paths is a great way to kick off the return of a campaign. For my cleric (Mirado) I went with "miracle worker", a path aptly named for the miracles we would need to make it though the night. When you show up and your DM is wearing a "TPK All The Way" shirt, you know you are in for a world of hurt.

Our story picked back up with the party braving the astral sea to seek aid for our home continent's immanent demise. The first encounter we faced featured a seemingly abandoned boat full of Githyanki. They sprung their trap, but we quickly dispatched most of them before their captain surrendered. Finding him to be untrustworthy and at the urging of a prisoner he had taken we kicked him off of his boat and set sail again.

The big set piece of the night was when a ship full of demons caught and attacked our ship. With a seemingly unending supply of flying nasties we determined pretty quickly that our only chance of surviving was to escape. That was made very difficult when said demon ship launched a chained claw that attached itself to our mast. Locked to our enemy we did our best to fend of waves of demons as Alin (Wayne) boarded their ship to break us free.

The result was the loss of our entire crew (all minions), Alin succeeding in breaking us free and breaking the demon ship in half at the same time. Unfortunately for all his heroic efforts Alin didn't make it back to our ship before the other went down. It was not a TPK, but losing a member of our party was sad all the same. As Wayne mentioned shortly after though, "If losing a character at Chuck's table meant I had to leave, I would been playing with another group long ago".  Fun times all around and we are looking forward to the next one for sure.

The rest is in the pictures...


Chuck P. said...

i think your miracle worker was great. Keeping the avenger alive after taking 20 damage (save ends) and then near having his skull ripped out... he stayed alive. I will state as a post script you probably could have entered astral projection and maybe pulled him off the ship, or gotten stuck with him.

Wreck said...

Door number two was what I was afraid of.

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