Monday, April 11, 2011

Relics of the Dawn - April Ed.

As a follow up to our epic game night in February, we gathered around the table again in April to throw dice once again. It  ended up being the first full table we have ever had in a year plus of playing together. Five plus a DM had us shoulder to shoulder, but having loads of fun. The beer, soda, wings and munchies flowed like wine and we got out of the night without a single death. R.I.P. Alin.

Having crossed the astral sea last game, we picked up our story on the coast of an unknown continent. We were hoping to find the nearest kingdom full of  armed allies, but were met by peaceful nomads and an implacable 3,000 year winter instead. The assumption being we would need to pass it to get to the allies we sought. Sounds easy enough right? Throw in a 75 year wendigo mating season and it's a walk in the park.

The first encounter of the night was a wendigo ambush. If they were hungry or seeking potential mates we will never know. We made fairly quick work of them and left for fear of running across more. Afterward our trackers (Kevin and Jason) went snow crazy and then got lost with some skillful dice rolls (1s). Thankfully the rest of the party was willing to bail them out.

Our journey landed us outside of a tower in the middle of the unending snow storm. Seeking a relic that might give us the power to stop the Corpse God and hoping to end the winter we ventured inside. The tower turned out to be that of the elf God of Torture. A pleasant fellow I'm sure. He kept an undead beholder well feed until we chopped it from stalk to stalk. We perused his various torture devices, wondered aloud what a cinnamon stick was (don't look that up) and made our way to his main chamber.

After passing through the doorway we found ourselves trapped with a lich who wanted to chit-chat. We were not willing to trade him his freedom for the end of the winter, so negotiations ended with arrows and steel. Mid-battle we became aware of three figures trapped in a ring of fire in the room. The lich had asked us for a drop of Krumm's (Mike) blood to put in the ring during our conversation. As we were not budging on that his rat assassin (or ratsassin) started to trying to take our blood from us. Jump cut to us crushing the lich and his minions and pushing the ratsassin into the fire.

Lich vanquished, Krumm willingly gave his blood to the fire and was transported into a battle between gods that had been going on for 5,000 years. He killed a god (Tarhan Atan) and ended the winter in one blow. We wrapped up the evening at 3am and I drove home half asleep, but with a grin from ear to ear. It was for sure a top 5 game night and shared with good friends.

Mirado went through another transformation before Saturday. He is now a hybrid ranger cleric. It worked really well and was fun to boot, but I'll cover it in more detail later this week.

The rest is in the pictures...

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