Friday, June 10, 2011

E to the E to the Electronic Three

Shit has it really been a year since the last E3? It is time then to throw my short form commentary on what seems interesting into the nether. Jesus do they only make sequels now or is that all I care about? Who is the problem here...

Uncharted 3 - The only reason I care about my dusty old PS3 just got another iteration in the story. I will be picking this game up on launch day.

Modern Warfare 3 - Despite second fiddle love for the PC market and Activision crapping all over Infinity Ward's founders I am still playing BLOPs most nights. The MW3 trailers look incredible and Elite looks benign, sign me up.

Battlefield 3 - I want this game to compete with MW3 in the worst way. I skipped Bad Company one and deux, but have a storied past with BF1942 and Vietnam. I want to come home.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Last year I thought Brotherhood would be a money grab. I was wrong, I can admit that. They made an awesome single and multiplayer game. I'm ready to be done with Ezio's story, but they have earned my faith in one last romp.

BioShock: Infinite - I'm hearing game of the show from twitterverse. I would not put it past Ken Levine and company if that were the case, I loved the first one.

Mass Effect 3 - Though not out till 2012 the coverage has only served in me wanting this game more.

WH40k: Space Marine - Every trailer of the actual game play looks like crap, no cover, poor graphics, bland animation. They will need to be swimming in media praise for me to even consider buying this game now. I'm super disappointed.

Wii U - Seriously who is the audience for this? They (Big N) now have a console on par with 360 and PS3, but it is 5 years too late. Getting ports of the big games that will already be available on the two systems I own does not sound appealing. Hasn't the "hardcore" audience moved on? Wait we were left behind.

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AJTFTS said...

I have one thing to say:
w00t!!! AC4!!! ;D

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