Monday, June 27, 2011

Return to the Zoo

Last year when we hit the Richmond Zoo it was wicked hot and Kaden was too young to walk around on his own. For our return trip in 2011 he is a walking, talking, ball of unending energy. He wanted to see every animal, shout a hello to them, attempt to replicate their call, bark or squawk and run to the next pen. The weather was great and the animals were out in force.

He enjoyed the giraffe feeding the most (as seen above), kept wanting to go back the crocodiles "Chomp!" and danced for and with the penguins. The low or high point of the day, depending on what kind of human being you are, was when a camel stole his cup. He instantly broke in to uncontrollable sobs. Out of fear or anger I don't know, but I found myself laughing. I know, I am horrible person. A trip to the crocodiles and loop on the train got him back in a happy mood though.

Pizza and subs, post zoo was in order. Our party of 7 filled up on meats and marinara and then broke up to drive home and nap. It was another successful and enjoyable expedition to our local zoo. Until he does not require a mid day nap we will be skipping the national zoo and I'm just fine with that.

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