Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Review: August 18th & 19th

Every weekend there are new sights, sounds, and taste to consume. There are other sensory inputs that tickle my brain too, but saying there is stuff to feel sounds creepy. This is a journal of my weekend endeavors. Enjoy!

Darksiders II
The first Darksiders game was a surprise hit. It aped many of the tropes found in the modern Zelda series and liberally borrowed from from a few other titles too (e.g. God of War and Portal ). It did so without out feeling sleazy though. The story was over the top, violent and a bit self serious, but never reached a point where it tipped over to being bad. It was an incredible game that I played two years after it's release for a criminally cheap price on the PC. Now the second game it out. I got on board mid week and played a bunch this weekend. It is equally as great, well worth the price of admission.

The Besties
More podcast goodness this weekend with a contender for my favorite video game podcast. Giant Bomb is still right up there, but I love the shorter format of Polygon's podcast. They cover almost no news, but all 4 members bring a new game every week and (regardless of it's quality) argue why it should be the game of the year. One game rises to the top and then faces off with the current champ. It is novel if not silly way to review games, but it's a good laugh and covers most new games that come out. It is under an hour too, so it wins on that front too.

Flatbush Zombies (NSFW)
A$AP Mob put out a new single a few weeks ago as a preview for a mixtape they plan to release sometime in the future. Featured on the track was Flatbush Zombies. I went down the path a little further and download their mixtape. Face-Off and Thug Waffle really get it done. Love almost all of it and hope to hear more from them.

Iron Brigade
I played the demo for this game on my Xbox ages ago, I enjoyed it, but never pulled the trigger on it. It came out on Steam last week and was on sale. Times have been tough for video games this summer so this was glass of ice water in a desert wasteland. It is great, third person mech fighting and tower defense. It is coop (4 player) too, but no one else has bit yet. I need to get my game friends on board.

Adventure Time #6
My son got his first comic two months ago, Justice League Unlimited #1 and has talked about it incessantly since. After SotJ Saturday morning, he and I stopped at Stories. I was planning to get him something super hero based, but nothing kid friendly was jumping off the shelf at us. His other favorite thing to talk about right now is Adventure Time. So when he saw Jake and Finn on the cover he knew what he was getting. We have read it 6 times since then. The writing feels just like the show, which send him into giggle fits and the art holds up just as well.

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