Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Review: August 25th & 26th

Every weekend there are new sights, sounds, and taste to consume. There are other sensory inputs that tickle my brain too, but saying there is stuff to feel sounds creepy. This is a journal of my weekend endeavors. Enjoy! This weeks post turned into a walk down memory lane.

Tha Alkaholiks were somewhere down the chain of my Wu Tang phase in high school. I bit hard on their sound and my first car probably has an imprint of the CD art in it. Liknuts is the combination of The Liks and The Beatnuts. Another group I spun a lot in my youth. Tash and Juju kill it on the track above. I hope to see more of this collaboration in the future. P.S. Though their website looks like a late 90's hot mess.

Kingdom Rush
Between Iron Brigade and Kingdom Rush I have been getting my recommended daily allowance of  tower defense games. It is the best one I have played on iOS so far and looks the best doing what it does too. I beat it this past week and this weekend I jumped into the additional challenge modes. Which go quick, but are brutal.

Another app that got a fair portion of my weekend. 10m is a match three paired with an Atari-esqe dungeon crawler. The upper half of the screen is a side scrolling adventurer, who encounters monsters, looked doors and chest. The lower half is a match three, where the tiles represent the solutions the adventurer needs to advance. Swords and magic wands for monsters and keys for everything else. You collect resources along the way too. Which you use to upgrade (more time, stronger weapons, perks, etc). Really sinking my teeth into this one.

Day of Defeat: Source
Day of Defeat was a mod for the first Half Life back in 2000, I played it on a 56k modem in college, if that helps date it. I played a lot of it. It was the first game I played competitively. When it became an official game thanks to Valve, I kept playing it. When it was re-imagined on the source engine I transitioned to it and kept competing. DoD in all it's forms is probably in my top 3 games played (hours)of all time. Now it has been ages since I played it though. Over the weekend I installed it (source version) and went back. The nostalgia came rushing on. It still looks great, plays great and is a lot of fun.

Back in middle school I read a lot of comics and at some point I got into collecting comic cards. Mostly for the the art, they weren't useful for anything beyond that anyway. In 7th grade when I first heard about Magic the Gathering, I thought cool, cards, art and game. I promptly bought a long box full of cards from a kid on the bus. A week later I realized none of my friends wanted to play it and I sold it back. Not until this past Friday did I play again.

One of our tabletop friends is moving away from Richmond and a few of the guys were getting together to have one last game night. The problem, for me, was that it was going to be all Magic. I own no cards and did not want to buy any. Thankfully the host, Chuck, hooked me up with a deck. After two learning rounds we jumped into a free for all game format. It was a lot of fun and by the end of the night I at least understood what my deck was good at and what I might do to make it better. I don't plan to run out and buy a million cards anytime soon, but I'd definitely play again.

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